Let Girls Learn Grant Opportunities

What is a Let Girls Learn grant?ErinPCV Erin Donahue and some of her female students participating in an International Women’s Day event while performing a Maua Mazuri skit.

Let Girls Learn (LGL) raises funds for projects that reduce barriers to girls’ education. The grants are submitted as Peace Corps Partnership Project (PCPP). If you think your project would be part of the Let Girls Learn program, it should address girls’ education related issues such as:

  • Countering the low value placed on girls’ education, delaying early marriage, or reshaping family and community expectations about girls;
  • Improving infrastructure to ensure girls’ safety on their way to school and their safety once they are there (this could include the creation of safe spaces for girls to congregate and the construction or renovation of school latrines);
  • Improving adolescent girls’ access to and quality of education;
  • Working with local counterparts to create an educational environment that promotes girls education;
  • Supporting female role models and mentors by providing materials or programs such as:
    • Encouraging female students to become teachers
    • Adding gender related elements to existing curriculum’s
    • Training local teachers on methods to incorporate gender in the classroom
    • Promoting extracurricular programs that encourage girls to get involved in their community
    • Training opportunities
    • Leadership camps
    • Inter-generational behavior change programs

Click here to see the LGL guidelines for grants

Examples of past and current LGL projects in Tanzania:

  • School latrine projects
  • Classroom infrastructure improvements
  • Leadership/Gender Equality camps
  • LGL grants can be used to fund Maua Mazuri grants to buy supplies and do the program!

LGL Fund assistance: up to $2,500 *after 15 days online

Application process:

  • Connect with the Gender PCVL and Grants Committee about having your grant be a LGL grant
  • Send Concept Memo to Grants Coordinator (Yovitha)
  • Send application to Grants Committee for review
  • Submit application to Yovitha via PCGO once directed
  • Project will be posted to PC donation website for PCPP where friends & family can donate
  • Once funded, money in bank within 3 weeks

How LGL grants are funded:

  1. The grant will be posted up online through the PCPP portal for family, friends, and public donations
  2. After 15 days, up to $2,500 will be funded by LGL (exact amounts TBD by the LGL fund sources)
    a. If there is any remaining balance left, the PCV will have to keep fundraising to meet the target amount
  • Adapted from PC Cambodia’s Secondary Projects blog

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