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HURU International Project Overview:HURU

Huru International is a non-profit organization. Huru’s mission is to improve educational and health outcomes for at-risk adolescent girls aged 10-24 years as a means of lowering their vulnerability to early pregnancy and HIV infection, reducing the economic burden of purchasing sanitary pads and empowering young females to appreciate their bodies and reproductive health.

Huru International produces and distributes kits of reusable sanitary pads (RSPs) for underserved adolescent girls. Each kit comes bundled in a backpack, and includes eight RSPs; three pairs of underwear; soap for washing the RSPs; a re-sealable waterproof bag for storing used RSPs; instructions for proper RSP use and maintenance; and a booklet focused on HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health (SRH). More than 85,000 girls and young women have been served by Huru International since 2008.

Data from various sources and Huru experience shows that prolonging schooling for girls is a cost-effective means to protect girls’ sexual health. The reusable sanitary pad kit is designed to provide needy girls with resources to hygienically manage their periods, enabling them to attend school during their periods and improve their academic performance. Reaching at-risk young women in the community with kits relieves the economic burden of period care and includes targeted behavioral interventions to improve reproductive health. Participatory education and a booklet provided during distribution events reinforce healthy decisions around health and empowerment. Capacity building of partners will strengthen local responses for girls and young women in need.

Goal 1: Improve health for at risk adolescent girls and young women and empower them to appreciate their bodies, reproductive health, and healthy gender relationships.

Goal 2: To improve education and prolong schooling for adolescent girls and young women

Goal 3: To reduce economic burden of purchasing sanitary pads and empower young females to appreciate their bodies and reproductive health


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HURU Application

 **HURU APPLICATION** Did you know that girls in your community are probably using unsafe and unhealthy methods to deal with their periods? Did you know that a girl can miss up to 50 days in a school year because she is afraid or unable to go to school when she is on her period? Huru International is an … Continue reading HURU Application