Maua Mazuri

Maua Mazuri is a program designed to use the arts empower girls and teach them important life skills. The program consists of 12 lessons and one optional lesson. Each uses a different art form to teach a different skill. However, every lesson is designed to teach self-confidence and creativity. Each lesson will take 1-3 hours to complete. Teachers should aim to complete 1 to 2 lessons each week with a group of 15-20 girls between the ages of 11 and 16. When all lessons are completed, the program will end with two final projects. The first is a recital to be put on and performed by the girls and their teachers. The second is a mural to be painted on the wall of a community building. Both of these projects should be used to educate community members.

The Maua Mazuri program was designed with this thought in mind; art is for everyone. Teachers and students should embrace this fact and participate with confidence and enthusiasm no matter what level they are. Art has the power to teacher, empower, and inspire like nothing else does. This program is called “Maua Mazuri” because after completing the program, each girl should feel beautiful and unique, like a flower. Just as a flower blooms and opens up, each girls should gain the confidence and skills to open up and show their true colors.

Wasichana wanaweza!


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