Project Ideas

Ways to Incorporate GAD in Everyday Life

  • 50/50 Gender split on project committees (and really in any decision-making)
  • Hire a house boy instead of a house girl (or both)
  • Talk about the issues with your village friends: gender equality, family planning, talk about not being married yet and why, everyday struggles, etc. here!
  • Wear pants in the village if you’re a female Volunteer!
  • Do the opposite of stereotypically male or female jobs- men serve tea/food at school, women work on cars, men cook at home, etc.

Incorporate GAD in the Classroom

  • Call equally on boys and girls in class
  • Promote inter-gender group work (mixed groups)
  • Create competition groups (you can do boys vs. girls or mix gendered teams)
  • Punish girls/boys equally for infractions/misbehavior – Check out more info on Safe Schools here!
  • Reward girls/boys equally for good behavior
  • Teach about gender related practices from different countries, including the USA
  • Co-teach with a teacher of the opposite gender
  • Male teachers – teach about menstruation/female topics, Female teachers – teach about male puberty, etc. (Break down gender barriers on topics)
  • Incorporate Life Skills lessons into the classroom for boys and girls – Life Skills manuals can be found here!
  • Distribute school tasks equally to both genders (cooking and cleaning for the school)


GAD Projects

• Participate in Peace Corps trainings related to gender
Examples: Maua Mazuri, Mazingira Mazuri, Huru, Community Theatre, Grassroots Soccer, etc. – You can find the manuals for these programs in the USAWA Google Drive!

• Mama’s Groups
o Cooking/Nutrition
o Income Generating
o Community Garden

• Girl’s and Boy’s Empowerment Conferences
o Possible themes: HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Science, Art, Critical thinking, etc.

• School Clubs
o Girls groups
o Cooking/sewing/cleaning groups for boys
o Maua Mazuri or Mazingira Mazuri
Life Skills Manuals
o Grassroots Soccer
o Sports Teams (promote soccer to girls, netball to boys and volleyball to both)

• Build Girls Dormitory at School

• Clinic Activities
o Testing Days
o Family Planning Days
o Malaria/HIV Educational Sessions

• World AIDS Day (December 1) Events

• International Women’s Day (March 8) Events

Celebrate other Days

Day of the Girl (October 11), International Woman’s Day (March 8), Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (March 10), Girls and Women in Sports Day – All of our International Day lessons can be accessed here!


Water Projects (with a particular focus on getting women involved)

o Water tanks
o Wells
o Choos
o Sanitation Projects/Education

Kuku Projects/Trainings (possibly for women’s groups)

Malaria Projects (focused on education of women and their children)

o Education about Gender Risk Factors and Malaria (ie: risks for pregnant women)
o Repair bed nets


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