Maua Mazuri on a Budget!

Do Maua Mazuri Today!

The arts empowerment program Maua Mazuri can be implemented in your community without attending training, all you need is to beincluded on a grant to gain access to supplies. An umbrella grant is typically open to 10-15 volunteers, and each volunteer teaches 15-20 students. With grant access, this program can lead to larger projects such as screenprinting t-shirts and painting a mural. It also offers your school access to art supplies.

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If you want to bring this program to your site but don’t want to write a grant or wait for the grant process to ensue, you can still make it a reality! The program includes 12 lessons allowing your students access to a variety of arts. The majority of the lessons require access to displaying media (pictures, sound-clips, videos) without a cost-association. All of the media for the lessons as well as the English/Kiswahili manual is on Google Drive (USAWA committee can provide you with the link). With a little internet the files can be yours! If you want to open arts exposure to your school, take a look at the book.

There are two drawing and painting lessons, one teaching self-portraiture and the other the basic uses of watercolor. If you do the program you would want access to colored pencils or crayons and watercolors. Maybe you brought some with you from the states, or maybe you can use the remaining supplies of a volunteer who has already done Maua Mazuri at his/her site. The students could also use pencils for the drawing lesson. Doing Maua without a grant means your program graduation will focus on a student performance instead of exhibiting your brand new mural.

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If you decide to implement this program without a grant, please keep the USAWA committee posted! Now that Tanzania is a Let Girls Learn post, the importance of M&E and reporting is higher than ever. If you’re doing great things at your site, go all the way and do the Monitoring and Evaluating. It’s not the most enjoyable aspect, but very important in improving all we do for the next volunteers.

It’s not that expensive…

Budget version cost associations (budgeted from bulk purchase so perhaps too low): Colored pencilset (2,000 tsh/each), Watercolourset (2,000 tsh/each), Plain paper (10,000 tsh/ream), Pencils (200 tsh/each)

The full kit with the grant includes: Maua Mazurilesson plan books, portfolios, portfolio decorations, pencils, pens, colored pencils, watercolours/brushes, flipchart paper, markers, screen for screenprinting, t-shirts, black ink to print shirts, notebooks, music player, flash drive, small musical instruments, certificates, supply bag, and paint and brushes for a mural.

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It’s cool to do the grant, or just do it!