Teenagers’ Access to Health Services

In August of 2016 my counterpart Edwin approached me with an idea of building an adolescent-friendly health room at our clinic. Edwin is the clinical officer at our village dispensary and is incredibly passionate about adolescent health. He said he had seen such rooms at other clinics and had heard they were effective in making … Continue reading Teenagers’ Access to Health Services


International Women’s Day Competition 2017

Congratulations Peace Corps Tanzania, International Women’s Week was a HUGE SUCCESS! Hearing stories from men and women around the world celebrating International Women’s Day gives me chills. Some used it as an opportunity to celebrate what women have accomplished to date, with men as strong allies. Others used it as an opportunity to teach gender … Continue reading International Women’s Day Competition 2017

Gender Equality and Agriculture

Today is International Women's Day 2017, and to mark the #BeBoldForChange campaign, USAWA is blogging about the importance of gender equality with regards to agriculture. How can we #BeBoldForChange in one of humankind's most ancient practices - agriculture and all that comes with it (subsistence farming, cash crops, aquaculture, livestock husbandry, etc.)? Why is gender equality, … Continue reading Gender Equality and Agriculture

Ella’s Story

Ella’s Story, Taking the LEAD Conference Home   Peace Corps Tanzania currently supports three main sectors for regular volunteers: Health, Agriculture, and Education. Life as an Education Volunteer can be very different from life as a Health or Ag Volunteer. Every day, Ed PCVs work with secondary school teachers and students, facing the challenges ever-present … Continue reading Ella’s Story