HURU Application

Did you know that girls in your community are probably using unsafe and unhealthy methods to deal with their periods? Did you know that a girl can miss up to 50 days in a school year because she is afraid or unable to go to school when she is on her period?

Huru International is an organization that encourages PCVs to promote reproductive health and female empowerment and uses the distribution of re-usable sanitary pads to girls and young women to help them stay in school and stay healthy as a way for PCVs to accomplish this goal.
You can work with a community Counterpart to apply to receive training and materials to implement Huru International interventions in your community!

The applications are now due on March 12, 2017 and the training will be APRIL 25-28, 2017 (Arrive April 24 and depart April 29 with kits). The earlier your submission, the better, so we can ensure travel is prefunded! All of the resources you will need to write the perfect application have been included in this email. This is a great opportunity to empower girls and a great way to start conversations about self-confidence, menstruation, reproductive health, gender equality, and HIV/AIDS in your community!

PCVs in the Health/Agriculture 2016 Class, Education 2016 Class, Education 2015 PCVs COSing October or later, and extending PCVs are eligible to compete in this Huru challenge (GHSP on case-by-case basis). Check out the Step-by-Step Guide for the application process!

For this round of interventions, the MINIMUM kit request amount is 250-275. That means that you and your Counterpart should be prepared to distribute at least 250-275 kits to 250-275 beneficiaries in addition to any other recipients of education (boys, other girls, parents, etc.). 
Research has found that community saturation helps prevent sharing of resources among vulnerable populations. Applications can include multiple interventions (in-school girls and then out-of-school interventions of family members; these can even be facilitated by the student beneficiaries to build additional skills!). Contact Branden if you need assistance in discussing implementation activities with your Counterparts.

The application deadline is a firm deadline for logistical purposes. Please read the entire Application document before beginning your grant application for some tips and tricks and important considerations.

Basic FAQ:
– The training is held in Dar es Salaam in the Training Annex at the Peace Corps Office.
– Like other ISTs, PC provides payments to one Counterpart to attend the training.
– Baseline and Recruitment Questionnaires need to be administered to 25% of your sample population of beneficiaries (instructions included to help you administer the simplified Baseline) – you will bring these hardcopies to Dar! (Approximately 70 respondents for a kit request of 275).

– Grant funding is available for kit transportation and event costs – see the application instructions for more info on kit transport, which is your responsibility.
– To meet individual education requirements, one-day events are not permitted. You cannot fulfill the training requirements with single-day events (when considering event implementation and planning).

If you have already attended a Huru training with a Counterpart and your community has the support to do continued Huru International interventions, you can apply for additional kits. Please email Branden for the separate format for the Additional Kit Application.

If you have any questions, want to talk through your ideas, or need a grant reviewed, please contact Gender Program Coordinator and PCTZ-Huru Liaison, Branden Ryan (, Airtel: 0782130339 – WhatsApp (this is better): +255719849493) or talk to a member of the USAWA Gender Equality Committee at any upcoming trainings! Staff POC is Endesh Mollel (, 0788885241).You can also visit the Huru website for more information: or check out