Education 2016: newbz spekted

We’ve got some new members of USAWA, and they are excited to introduce themselves and start their work with the committee. Meet Richard and Taylor!

RichardHi everyone! My name is Richard and I’m an education volunteer in the Tabora region. I teach physics for my entire school as well as math for two forms (that spells NERD), so I’m usually a pretty busy guy. When I do get free time I love to read, to write, and to get to know my fellow villagers better, most times over a few cups of coffee!

Back stateside I was involved in a lot of political and social justice community activism and thanks to the direction of some amazing people I met throughout that journey I was encouraged to educate myself on the challenges of implementing intersectional gender equality in all aspects of life. It became a real passion of mine before joining Peace Corps and I’m grateful that I’ll have the chance to continue and expand on that passion with the other members of USAWA.

I’m looking forward to helping with the development of curriculum to engage young men and boys in the gender equality discussion, as well as helping to train Tanzanian counterparts in the implementation of gender equitable practices in their schools and communities.

IMG_6396 Hey beauties! I’m Taylor! (aka “Tayla” or, simply, Tay, around these parts). I’m originally from Washington, DC, went to school in New York City, and now I’m living in the Shinyanga region of Tanzania. Karibuni Wild West! Working within the education sector of Peace Corps Tanzania, I spend the bulk of my time teaching biology. But on off days, you can find me reading, eating, making clothes, running, eating,… did I say, eating? No seriously. What a life 🙂

Why did I join USAWA? Because people shouldn’t be placed in limiting boxes because of their sex. I think its important that girls and boys, women and men, develop relationships with themselves to fully grasp their value as people, no matter their sex or gender identity. And it is important for us, as educators and leaders, to give them the tools they need to cultivate and feed that personal relationship, so they can go on to live their fullest potentials. So yep, I’m here to do whatever I can to help with that.


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