Lauren’s Story

The LEAD Tanzania Youth Conference (Leadership Empowerment and Development) provides education for students on a great variety of topics. One day of the conference is a career day devoted to the importance of goals and goal setting, and incorporating the advice of guest speakers, a visit to a nearby University, and the stories of current under-grad and graduate students. Many volunteers who attended the conference with their counterparts and students reported back that the career day was the most impactful day of the conference – and that the students just couldn’t stop talking about the University visit. Lauren Frigm’s students are one such example, and they took the initiative after returning home to plan their own career day for their fellow students at school. Here is her story.


“Immediately when we got back to Ipelele after the LEAD Conference, my four students began asking me “When can we start teaching?!” I was so proud at the initiative they were taking and the confidence they had to not only teach their peers, but also to create a schedule and present it to the headmaster of the school.”

At first, Lauren’s students led a few small lessons on HIV/AIDS at their school. Then they decided that they wanted take on a bigger curriculum – to prepare for a career day at Ipelele Secondary School. In preparation for the career day, the LEAD participants took a week to teach in small groups every student at the school about goal setting and planning for the future.

“The LEAD participants expressed how helpful the career and goal sessions were for them during the conference and felt that it was some of the most important information for them to share with their peers. Each student at Ipelele Secondary School learned about short and long term goals, and how to identify and overcome challenges in reaching them.”

After this week of lessons, the whole school came together for the career day. Nine community members came to the school to present, each representing a different career path. Then each presenter answered questions from the students about their schooling, work, and goals that helped them to arrive at where they are today.


After this large-group forum, students then broke out into small groups with the different presenters to ask more questions about the specific example career paths, and to prepare short and long term goals to reach their desired careers.


“The LEAD participants played a big role in this day, giving speeches to review the basics of goal setting, helping with student organization, and developing questions … for the presenters to answer. Not only did they put in a lot of work on the day of the event, but also the week leading up to it by teaching … the messages of goal setting and planning… The students showed their abilities to not only teach and lead their peers, but also to work with adults in the working world in a professional and mature manner. I could not have been more proud of their contribution and collaboration for this day and week. I can’t wait to see what else we plan in the future!”


Written by Chris Biles, Pictures and story from Lauren Frigm


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