Kelly’s Story

Leadership Success at Boloti Secondary School: Taking the LEAD Conference Home
Written by Chris Biles
Pictures from Kelly Anderson and Bekah Munnikhuysen

At this year’s LEAD Conference in Morogoro (see recent blog post), students spent a good deal of time creating action plans to bring what they learned back home to their schools and fellow students. Here is the story of one PCV, Kelly Anderson, who brought students to the conference and has already helped them to begin the successful implementation of their action plans.

PCV Kelly Anderson teaching in Morogoro at the LEAD Conference

“Our team prioritized malaria education and bed net enforcement. Upon arriving back at school, we held a couple of meetings to further flesh out the student’s plan. We met with the teacher in charge of student health along with the headmaster. That meeting lasted one hour and was very productive. We agreed that we would target the bulk of our education efforts for July, when the students return from vacation.”

While Kelly and his students planned for July, they did two activities at school to prepare the students, prior to their month-long break.

“Mikeprosper [one of the students who attended the LEAD Conference] gave a very informative speech to the school assembly about malaria in preparation for a bed net survey. [After completing the survey] we now have a complete list of all boarding students who do not have nets. A report has been given to the HOS [the headmaster], the Health teacher, and the dorm teachers. A follow-up survey will be conducted in July.”

16.5 MikeProsper LEAD 2
Mikeprosper conducting his speech to about 400 students at the morning assembly.

The students’ plan for July not only involves the follow-up survey, but an actual malaria lesson led by the students for the students.

“On July 20th, the LEAD Team [the four students who attended the conference] will educate the entire student body along with the staff with a malaria Zinduka session [a grassroots soccer program]. Video will be taken of the event, and the Zinduka program will be preceded by a couple of morning speeches about malaria. One, for example, is specific to the importance of net use among families where there is a pregnancy.”

Kelly has helped his students take initiative to educate their peers about malaria and bed net use. They also plan to “paint malaria information and slogans on the dorm walls as a reminder.” When the students look at these murals, they will remember what they were taught by their peers, along with the lesson that the four LEAD Conference students have provided for their fellows: that anyone can be a leader if they put their minds to it.

16.5 MikeProsper LEAD 1

In addition to these activities to help the student body now, Kelly’s students have envisioned a way to continue providing education for their peers – and to continue to set an example as leaders in their community.

“As a result of the Morogoro training, the LEAD Team has organized the Boloti Health Care Club. They will work on continual malaria education and bed net use, and they will also be available for the next initiative: HIV/AIDS awareness. The Health Care Club will also be a part of the First Aid training, which will start in August.”

The club will be helping Kelly to train about 40 students along with staff members to be First Aid First Responders. The planned trainings, in partnership with First Aid Africa, will consist of 2 hours of training everyday for two weeks.

Thanks to the experience of the LEAD Conference, and to the willingness and diligence of Kelly and his fellow teachers, these four students have taken initiative in their school community. They have been empowered and enabled to take advantage of these opportunities to practice and hone their leadership skills, and they are truly succeeding. These experiences will help propel them forward in their lives, giving them the tools to further their education, and the motivation and desire to continue achieving great things. Thanks to Kelly and his fellow teachers for helping the students of “the LEAD Team” to one step at a time follow their dreams.

16.4 LEAD 19
Kelly teaches at Boloti Secondary School in the Hai District of the Kilimanjaro Region. His counterpart at the LEAD conference was Pastor Robinson Matembu. His students who attended the conference (from left to right in the picture above) are Joseph Daniel, Sade Soka, Mikeprosper Kaaya, and Beatrice Kileo.


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