Annual LEAD Conference – 2016

Sometimes picking the right students to bring to a conference can be a difficult and tricky process. Teachers may tend to select those students who performed best in the class or received the highest grade, but that doesn’t always mean that they are the most qualified for attending. When selecting students to attend January’s LEAD conference, we encourage volunteers to look for the strongest leaders or students that really stick out in the classroom. We are looking for students who will be outgoing, involved, and prepared to return and perform teach-backs to their school. We want kids who have the guts and the creativity to participate in the program.

Education volunteer, Elyssa Musaraca, came up with an innovative way to select students to be apart of a local conference in her region. Below we have adapted her questions to help you find students of your own to bring to the upcoming LEAD conference. Feel free to use them or your own questions to help you select your students. Most importantly, be sure that your students understand what’s to be expected of them at the conference, and be clear on the fact that they are going to have to come back and be comfortable in presenting what they learned back to their fellow classmates.

1.  Je, ina maana gani kuwa kiongozi wa watu? Utunge insha au utafutie njia ya ubunifu kuelezea swali hili. Kwa mfano:  shairi, fimlau, au wimbo. What does it mean to be a leader? (Either write a short essay, or find a creative way to respond to this question, in the form of a poem, video, song, etc.).

2. Je, unazo tabia gani zinazohusu uongizi? Kwa nini Unastahili kuchauliwa na sisi kuwakilisha shule zako? What leadership qualities do you possess? Why should you be chosen as a leader to represent your school? 

3. Baada ya kushiriki katika congamano la LEAD, je utakuwa tayari kuwasfundisha wenzako wote shuleni? Utoe mawazo kuhusu namna ya ungependelea kuwafundishaje. Jibu bunifu ni jibu mbora.  Are you prepared to return after the conference and present your work to your fellow classmates at school? Do you have any ideas on how you would like to present? Please try to be creative in your answer.

Applications for January 2016’s LEAD conference are due September 15, 2014.

If you have questions, talk to Sarah Munteanu (, airtel-0685054082) or Audrey Hicks (, airtel- 0687594609) or anyone on the USAWA committee.


To see the full application, check your inbox from Grace labeled “LEAD Application”, or click on our LEAD link on our website.


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